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Blaze a Trial

  1. Proclaim
  2. Brainwash
  3. 237
  4. Mr. Grady
  5. Bite Me
  6. The Waiting Man
  7. Pieces

XMAS Session

  1. Moon (Acoustic Version)
  2. Se7en (Acoustic Version)
  3. Pure Fun (Acoustic Version)


  1. Dirty Slave
  2. Moon
  3. Pure Fun
  4. Se7en
  5. Ipecac
  6. New Door
  7. After All
  8. Family Refuse
  9. Through the Way of Freedom
  10. Bonus Track

European Tour Diary


Last Stroke started in 2010 in Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy.
"Ashtray" was released on Sept,11 2012, through independent label Insomnia Records and the band toured along with Peter Doherty (Babyshambles, Libertines, UK).
The EP "XMas sessions" was recorded on tape and released on Dec, 24 with 2 acoustic songs.
In Feb 2013 the band was official supporter for Linea 77, alt. rock/metal Italian act.
Last Stroke played with The Fire in March 2013, for Shandon ex lead-singer's new solo project.
Last Stroke played at Rock n Roll Arena in March 2013, winning the Nord Italian branch of B-Live contest.
"Pure Fun" is the first single out from "Ashtray", and the videoclip was out in July 2013.
The band won fist prize at National Contest B-Live: a European tour (Austria, Germany, Netherland, Belgium) to be held in 2015.
Last Stroke also performed at Nissan Skipass 2013, as main act during the most important free style and winter sport Italian exhibition.
"Ipecac" music video was released as Las Stroke's second single and it was on heavy rotation on National music tv "Rock Tv".
New EP “Blaze a Trail” will released 2015 March 6.

Contacts, Press & Booking


Tour Dates

2015.08.02 Drops In Festival Aguscello (FE)
2015.08.01 Festa della Libertà Zocca (MO)
2015.07.31 Drops In Festival Aguscello (FE)
2015.05.30 MK Music Club Carpi
2015.05.09 De Engel Den Helder, Netherlands
2015.05.08 The Varienshoes Vaals, Netherlands
2015.05.07 Rock'n'Roll Wharehouse Hamburg, Germany
2015.05.06 Wild Rover Aachen, Germany
2015.05.05 Alexander the Great Mainz, Germany
2015.05.02 Calamita w/Pino Scotto Reggio Emilia
2015.04.27 Intervista radio Rock Revolutin Palermo
2015.04.24 Borderline Modena
2015.04.18 Emil's Wedding Reggio Emilia
2015.04.04 I Vizi del Pellicano Fosdondo - Correggio
2015.03.28 Corallo Rock Club Scandiano (RE)
2015.03.17 Intervista Rock Web Radio Milano
2015.03.14 Bandit Bikers Pub Parma
2015.03.9 Intervista Radio Phobia Campegine (RE)
2015.03.06 Mr.Muzik OFF Modena



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